72nd. St. Films is proud to offer consulting services in SCREENWRITING, PRODUCING and ACTING. All consults are available both online and in-person.


Before you send your script to a producer, agent or any industry professional, you owe it to yourself to make it the best it can be. We offers full consulting services for feature-length screenplays, short scripts, treatments and film projects.

Your script will be carefully read and  evaluated for plot, subplots, structure, narrative description, dialogue, characters, format, and all aspects of Story and Storytelling.

You'll receive a professionally prepared Reader Report as well as complete Line Notes on your script.

We also offer Seated Screenplay Readings for your project where you can hear actors read your script aloud with an invited audience. Afterwards, everyone participates in a talk-back session of notes and constructive criticism designed to make your movie the best it can be.


Feature Film Scripts: $200

Short Film Scripts: $100

Treatments: $50

Discount Rates available to former students.

Readings: Depending on cast size. Contact with details for prices.


Producing ain't no big thing - it's a million little things! How do you line up all of the various elements you need to create your own film - and have it PROFITABLY distributed? Whatever stage your project is in, whether development, pre-production or post, you need to be on top of your game. And if you're in the middle of production and you need a hand - or a whole arm - now might be the time to grab a day or two and let us help you get organized and back on target.

Prices vary depending on Project.  E-mail for a FREE initial consultation.


To be an actor isn't about arriving at a destination. It's about using the tools you have to take a new journey every time.

Whether you're just starting out and learning technique, or  are a seasoned professional looking to deepen your work, we offer group classes, workshops, and private coaching that will help you to discover and experience your own personal approach. 

Acting is a sport - get out there and play!

E-mail for info on class schedules.

Private coaching: $55/hr.

The 72nd St. Films Workshop Series

Workshops are now available for various levels of Acting and Screenwriting, and - WAPD, a four-part combination of Writing, Acting, Producing and Directing for artists who want to learn more about various disciplines, or produce their own projects.

Workshop length can be designed to fit your curriculum as one-day, two-day, three-day or one-week seminars. 

Contact for current pricing information.

Jeff Monahan has worked as a professional script reader at Tribeca Film Center in New York City and at Readers Unlimited in Los Angeles, and has taught Script Analysis, Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced Screenwriting at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, and in the Graduate Programs at Carnegie Mellon and Chatham Universities.

He's had five feature film scripts and several short films produced, and has been commissioned to write original screenplays as well as novel adaptations.

His feature films have been profitably distributed by Millennium / First Look, Showcase Entertainment, Front Row Filmed Entertainment, Euro Video, Eagle Entertainment, Arrow Releasing, PFA Films and Lions Gate. 

Jeff has directed shorts, features and stage work, and has had a long and varied acting career on stage, television and in film.

His book, WRITE YOUR MOVIE, is now available on Kindle at https://www.amazon.com/Write-Your-Movie-no-nonsense-screenplays-ebook/dp/B01M0ZL109