Off By Heart - Now in pre-production!

Directed by Will Maloney -

Cinematography by Denis Maloney ASC -

Editing by Pam Wise ACE - see interview -

Production Design by Diana Stoughton

Casting by Tanya Dovidovskaya

Written by Jeff Monahan

Starring -

Amaya Press


Check it out - Our first European release on CORPSING - 

Germany says -

"For genre fans looking for something a little more unusual...a fresh mixture of Frankenstein and Beauty and the Beast...solid acting...well-filmed...the dance scene is a real eye-catcher. A grotesquely beautiful and very morbid love story".

Here's our Promo Poster when we finished the film - (designed by Sara Monahan) -

And our first U.S Release -
J-Lowe on set -


George A. Romero Presents...Deadtime Stories is a Retro Horror anthology series inspired by those good old-fashioned EC Comics.

Both Volume One and Two are distributed by Showcase Entertainment in all overseas markets, and by Millennium Entertainment / First Look Pictures in the United States.

We're proud to say that all investors in both Volumes were paid back the full amounts of their investments - and are well into profits!

View Trailer - Requires Quicktime 7 or better...

Meanwhile, don't forget we do theater, too!  Claochlu Studios production of HOSPITALITY

SUITE was presented live - while being projected on screen - and received unanimous

positive reviews!  Playwright, Roger Reuff, who worked with Kevin Spacey when he

made the film of Hospitality Suite (called The Big Kahuna), was on hand for talk-back

sessions with the audience.

Thanks, Roger!