Beatrice – A dead nun terrorizes students on a college campus.

Bleed Deep - Something is onboard the submarine, USS Jamestown. And it isn't human.

Devotions - In the early 1900’s a man uses black magic to save his dying daughter…and opens the gateway to hell.

Near Death – Jim Greeley just came back from a near-death experience. But he didn’t come back alone. Romero/Grunwald Productions.

In Red – Can’t find the perfect woman? Make one.  Romero/Grunwald Productions. 

Cryptid – A young woman returns to Puerto Rico to battle the childhood boogeyman that killed her  family – El Chupacabra. Written by George A. Romero and Jeff Monahan. With Sanibel II Films.

The Cheval - A group of college students summon a demon that takes possession of one of them and begins killing off the others. And it wants to get out...to do something even worse. Written by George A. Romero and Jeff Monahan. With Sanibel II Films.

Dracula - A new adaptation of the classic tale of vampires.
Macbeth - A terrifying look at Shakespeare's dark and bloody tragedy of ambition, lust, murder and madness.

Empty Eyes - A woman returns to her hometown for her father's funeral and begins to remember why she left all those years ago...the day that all the children disappeared from her school. All of them...but her.


Off by Heart - When an unsuccessful actor from Los Angeles gets the audition of a lifetime in New York City he also gets stuck with a nine year-old girl for the road trip....and she could change his life even more.

Tramps - Two mechanics steal the dead body of Charlie Chaplin and try to ransom it back to his widow. Based on a true story.


The Collaboration  – A young girl mourning the loss of her father moves to New York and befriends a dying old man who holds a dark and deadly secret. Starring Malcolm McDowell and Adrienne Barbeau. 

The Morgue - An existentialist film noir. A NYC morgue worker attempting to write the great American novel starts receiving body parts from a serial killer. The dead begin talking to him as he turns detective and tries to solve the riddle of life.  Written by Jeff Monahan and David Thornton.

Herself - The true story of how a young Irish woman struggles to believe in God while fighting against domestic abuse, alcoholism, drugs, and crime. Based on the autobiography, The Life She Chose, by Linda Byrne O'Riordan.  


Tusks - A zoo worker returns a dying elephant and its keeper to Africa, where they're caught between a rogue elephant that's terrorizing villages, and poachers and corrupt government officials who are intent on following the animal to the mythical elephant graveyard. Written by George Romero and Jeff Monahan.


Fools’ Gold – A group of miners are mistaken for a band of notorious outlaws, and decide to play along…for as long as they can. Monte Hellman, (Reservoir Dogs) directing. Cast includes Nicky Katt, Aaron Eckhart, Kris Kristofferson, and Chris Cooper.


UFONYC An architect discovers alien secrets under the streets of Manhattan.

Californium – Terrorists create a chemical  that unleashes the essence of what people really are.


Blaze - A cop and a robber steal fifty million dollars in drug money from a police evidence room.  Now they're on the run, not only from the law, but also from a psychotic international drug lord...who wants his money back.  Set to star Al Pacino.  

Joyride - Based on the novel by Jack Ketchum.

Going Under - A young undercover cop is drawn into the world of narcotics, sex, and rock 'n roll,  and discovers some surprising truths about himself . Based on a true story.

Hits – Two young would-be gangsters get a job working for a local mob boss and get in way over their heads.  Al Pacino directing.

Teamwork – Shakespearean themes of love and loyalty as two mobsters are forced to betray their boss and turn on each other.

Small Time Crime – A dying bank robber returns to his hometown in search of redemption. Cast includes David Thornton, Tom Savini, Tom Atkins, and Bingo O'Malley.  

Theater to Film

The Sonnets - All 154 of Shakespeare's sonnets performed by actors, singers, musicians, poets, students, teachers...


Bloodshow - Detective Van Morison chases runaway teens through the worlds of  traveling rock bands...and vampires. Starring Cyndi Lauper, David Thornton and Jeff Monahan.