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For genre fans looking for something a little more  unusual...a fresh mixture of Frankenstein
and Beauty and the Beast...solid  acting...well-filmed...the dance scene is a real eye-catcher.

A grotesquely  beautiful and very morbid love story. - Germany's Tofu Nerd Punk


House Call


Written by Jeff Monahan. Directed by Tom Savini. 


·       Savini at the top of his game…very well told and ultimately horrific…extremely well paced, great camera work, moody. (LETHAL DEATH)


·       A tense and stylish terror tale that will satisfy fans across the board…re-introduces Savini, the director, with a bang…classy, smartly crafted, ingenious…almost every scene has some signature creative brushstroke to it…and for all of the directorial flourishes, the film feels personalized, rather than over-stylized…Savini and company should be commended for raising the bar. (UNDERTAKERS LOUNGE)


·       Beautiful...hypnotic…Savini is every bit the artist as a director as he is a special effects master…a quiet, atmospheric story that proves to be something special...not to be missed. (FILM THREAT)


·       Everything about this project is nothing short of spectacular…a tour de force of visual storytelling…(CREATURE CORNER)


·       Classic horror…great job. (SPLATTER CONTAINER)...


·       The highest recommendation I can give a horror film…it had me hooked from the beginning.  (BURIED.COM).


·       Tom Savini, the man with a thousand talents, returns with a delicacy of horror. A great job. I impatiently await the next episodes. (SHADE.COM)


·       A reminder, if one is necessary, that Tom Savini is a masterful director with an intimate understanding of what makes horror work. His direction is complemented by a tight script, rich atmosphere and a captivating performance by Bingo O'Malley. (PENNYBLOOD MAGAZINE)


·       A return to classic thrills and chills. A fantastic story filmed like an old movie, dark and sinister…archetypal “thriller” camera angles,  recalls horror films from years past.  The best from The Twilight Zone…one step further...erotic nudity…goreawesome, shocking. Sit back and be creeped out most thoroughly. Suspense is created through a novel concept in modern horror called “simplicity”. No gimmicks, just good old-fashioned fun and a really great script that makes sense and packs a mean punch.          (HEIDI MARTINUZZI, BLOODY- DISGUSTING.COM)